What is a Penetration Test?

With the increase in threat actors across the globe, the chances of your organization being a target of an attack is more likely each passing day. How do you know if your network Infrastructure, systems and response are up to the task of protecting your critical data?
A Penetration Test is an authorized attempt to infiltrate an organization through carefully exploiting vulnerabilities that may exist.  Vulnerabilities may be introduced into your environment through technical flaws within systems and applications, through misconfiguration of systems and devices, or through other non-technical aspects, such as employees deviating from such processes (social engineering). By modeling real-world attack techniques, we strive to identify key areas to be addressed and provide a plan in order to remedy these vulnerabilities.
Pen testing evaluates an organization’s ability to protect its networks, applications, endpoints and users from external or internal attempts to circumvent its security controls and gain unauthorized or privileged access to protected assets.

Who Performs a Penetration Test?

Penetration Tests are performed by a team of Certified Penetration Testers, most of whom are Certified Ethical Hackers. These individuals have the specialized experience needed to breach an organization during a penetration test exercise. All of Barricade IT Security’s Penetration testers hold various network and security certifications. These are required to perform the complex tasks needed for a successful penetration test.

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