Security as a Service (SECaaS)

At Barricade we specialize in protecting your assets from outside external threats and internal ones. We use cutting-edge technology to keep your organization safe and give you peace of mind.

Is Your Network Safe?

SECaaS or Security as a Service is a platform in which Barricade will install and manage a security device or application in your environment. SECaaS allows you to offload the time and cost involved in securing your network.

At the forefront of IT security, there are compliance regulations and standards to follow, whether securing financial records or keeping patient information protected. With the high rate of data breaches in the U.S. and the continuation of an upward trend, security for an IT infrastructure is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. With hackers using many techniques for nefarious purposes the advantage has steered away from your organization and is now in favor of cyber criminals.

As a counter-force, it is imperative that all businesses today harden their infrastructure from intrusion and penetration attacks. The age of transitioning into a digital-centric operation is at hand and intruders are now lurking at every corner to hijack information.

What Can You Do?

To effectively defend against cybercriminals and cyberattacks organizations must look at ways to expand their ability to secure and maintain data security and adhere to compliance standards across their evolving IT infrastructure. Barricade aids companies in terms of cost, by providing expertise without the expense of having a Security Operation Center (SOC). Barricade IT Security is vetted in advanced technologies, threat intelligence feeds, and security defined processes which make us capable of taking on the task of managing and defining security content, identifying and analyzing threats, and remediating compromises that may infiltrate your infrastructure.

The Cost to Run an Internal Information Security Operations Center

Typically an information security Operation center consists of about 12 members assuming you run a 24×7 operation. At a conservative salary of $75K per employee excluding medical benefits, Paid time off and employer-offered perks, a company can expect to have an annual cost if about 1.2 Million in overhead. When you factor the time it takes to find the talent as well as the use of resources to hire the talent, it’s easy to see why our SECaaS offering is in high demand.

Barricade IT Security can customize a package that provides the capabilities of a SOC department, with cybersecurity expertise at a fraction of the cost.

What are the benefits of using SECaaS with Barricade IT Security?

The ability to have your own remote information Security Operations Center conveniently outsourced to help our clients bottom line.

Our clients don’t have to worry about compromising talent for the cost. Barricade’s Security-as-a-Services gives our clients the peace of mind knowing that their network and data is entrusted in the hands of industry experts.

Barricade IT Security offers protection and education as we make it our mission to inform and educate your staff on many threats that exist ranging from email phishing attacks to social engineering know-how.

  • Protected Perimeter design
  • HIPAA compliance
  • PCI-DSS compliance
  • SOX compliance
  • SSAE-16 compliance
  • PII compliance
  • Infrastructure Hardening
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Firewall Management
  • Email spam solutions
  • Grey hat hacking
  • Ethical Whitehat hacking
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Information Loss prevention
  • Identity & Access management

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